All the information about the two kart classes and the respective championships that Next-Gen will be competing in during the 2016 season.


The Cadet Class of karting is specifically for those aged between 8-13 years old. Cadet karting is seen as a vital stepping stone into a drivers racing career, the fiercely close competition helps to quickly build essential racecraft, pace and driver mentality, required as the driver advances through the ranks of the motorsport ladder.


The Honda Cadet Class has an ABkC recognised British Championship as a part of the Super One Series.


The Honda engines are 160cc, 4-Stroke Engine tuned specifically for kart racing to set a of published regulations.


Honda Cadet can be seen as an initial stepping stone into the world of Cadet Karting, however it is wrong to see this as a less competitive series.

The Honda Cadet Racing is as fierce as the IAME Cadet Racing, where racecraft and driver mentalitiy is key.


The series first became a National Championship back in 2007, and the successful formulae has remained popular and relatively unchanged ever since.


The engines are once again very well matched across the range, providing an even field throughout the grid, promoting close racing.


Honda Cadet Engines are provided by a range of engine builders and tuners.


All competitors run to a maximum weight limit of 100kg (including driver) utilising Dunlop SL3 Slick Tyres for dry racing, and Dunlop KT3 Wet Tyres for wet weather racing.

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The IAME Cadet Class is the recognised British MSA Cadet Championship, where the winner of the Super One Series and LGM Series, will become the British and National Champions respectively.


IAME provide the 'IAME Gazelle Engine'a,  60cc Single Cylinder 2-Stroke Clutched Engine, partnered with a Tillotson 16mm Carburettor with Fixed Jets.

The main goal of the IAME Gazelle is to deliver a cost effective, out and out kart race engine for the UK market.  In conjunction with IAME, one of the most renowned engine manufacturers.


The introduction of the IAME Cadet product to the market and introduce a new era of Cadet racing into the UK.


The engines are built to be extremely close across the board, further assisting the famously close racing of Cadet Karting.

Engine components have long-life, ensuring managable running costs for club and national competitors alike.


JM Racing Engineering are the sole importers of the IAME Gazelle Engine.

All competitors run to a maximum weight limit of 103kg (including driver) utilising Dunlop SL3 Slick Tyres for dry racing, and Dunlop KT3 Wet Tyres for wet weather racing.

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2013 Honda Cadet
Super One British Champions



With a pedigree stretching back over 30 years Super One has been the nursery of so many top line professional motor racing drivers, too many to list but including David Coulthard, Jason Plato, Dario Franchitti, Daniel Wheldon, Anthony Davidson and of course the dream team of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.


 Super One is the Official British and ABkC National Championship which awards the seeded Numbers for the classes.


Super One is run by professionals who ensure quality racing on a level playing field. The highest level of scrutineering is performed to ensure all equipment is within the published regulations for both IAME and Honda Cadets are upheld by all competitors. Onboard video cameras were added in 2010 to reduce the amount of unfair incidents, ensuring a fair outcome.


It is a very competitive championship that continually produces world class drivers. Providing facilities that are to International CIK level Super One provides the highest level of competition in the UK.

Next-Gen Motorsport will be challenging for the top honours within the Super One British Championship in both IAME and Honda Cadet.

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The British Kart Grand Prix (Kartmasters) is another annual, one-off event that takes place at the PF International Circuit, in Grantham.


Like the British Open, this is a one-off, winner takes all championship event where the winner will be able to run the prestigious 'GP' plates for a season succeeding the race meeting.


Hosted in the middle of summer, at the undisputed 'Home of British Karting', the event always attracts huge and competitive grids, as drivers from all over the country vie it out for glory over a 4 day race weekend, consisting of qualifying, heats and two finals.


The British Kart Grand Prix is another one of the 4 major British Titles on offer each season, alongside the Super One Series, LGM and the British Open Championships.

Every year, substantially generous prizes are on offer for winning drivers and raffle winners. It is one not to be missed!

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The Little Green Man Series is a organised and administered by Trent Valley Kart Club on

behalf of John Mills Engineering Ltd in accordance with the General Regulations of the MotorSports Association.


LGM is a National Championship ran specifically for the IAME Cadet drivers, in a nine round championship over a variation of the best circuits in the country.

Ran alongside the club meetings of the specific kart circuit where the event is taking place means the championship attracts many competitors from all over the country, to try out their own skills against the very best in the country.

Cadet teams throughout the country respect the series as being as a key competition to compete in alongside the British Championships.


Control fuel is utilised throughout the series to ensure parity between engine combustion output. Control tyres are also mandated just as in the Super One Series.


Next-Gen Motorsport will be entering the championship once again in 2016.


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The British Open Championship is a one-off event that is hosted at Rowrah in Cumbria. This winner takes all event is for the British Open and coveted 'O Plate' titles, where the victor gets to run the number '0' for a year succeeding the event.


It is one of the 4 major British Titles on offer each season.

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Club Racing takes place at any viable kart club / circuit during specific weeks of designated calendar months.

A club championship is a great way to make inroads into karting, establish your potential or even just to test at a circuit if it is on either the British or National Championship calendar later on in the season.

Next-Gen can run drivers at a range of club meetings on request.

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