Marlow and Read state their intentions with a pair of dominant heat victories, only to be thwarted in the final by numerous cases of bad luck.

8 Mar 2016

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Another week closer to the start of the season, another race to ensure we are ready for the title challenge!
Next-Gen drivers headed to Rissington for final shakedowns before the British Open Championship at Rowrah.

Next-Gen show winning speed at Rissington S1 shakedown event.


Drivers Tyler Read and Owen Marlow made their marks as contenders this season, both taking heat victories through the day in the very competive IAME Cadet Grid.
Marlow set the pace throughout the weekend with multiple fastest laps and taking Pole Position for the final.
Sadly a combative race saw Marlow knocked down the field, to finish in 11th position. A result not represenative of the great effort put in by him this weekend.
Read also pumped in great heat results with a 1st, 6th and an 11th. Again like Marlow however, Read was knocked back in the tight pack, finishing just behind his team-mate in 12th position,

Oliver Gray and Joe Sheppy showed great development and potential in IAME Cadet, taking solid results in the heats of 18th, 12th, 18th, and 15th, 18th and 8th respectively.
Gray and Sheppy would both qualify for the A-Final, in a very talented grid, only to be also thwarted by back luck in the Final.

However Next-Gen's E Plate Winner Leonardo Panayotou was the luckless of us all! Despite being his first visit to the track, he showed great speed on Saturday to get ontop of the track.
Panayotou never got the chance to show his speed on Sunday after being the victim off rivals driving standards.

Despite the frustration and misfortune across the board at Rissington, the team are rightly bouyed by the great pace shown by drivers Marlow and Read, converting this speed into victories.
This alongside the visible improvement from Sheppy, Gray and Panayotou, means the team leave for Rowrah in high spirits, ready for the start of the British Super One Championships.


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